Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#1 Michael Gilchrist 6'7 SF Kentucky (SEC)

#2 Maurice Harkless 6'8 SF St. Johns (Big East)

High School: South Kent, CT
AAU: Real Scout

Harkless finished out his solid High School career averaging 27ppg and 11rpg at South Kent. Harkless versatilty on offense and defense have the nation labeling him as a National Elite Forward. Harkless has been named Most Valuable, Most Outstanding, or All Tournament Team for every event hes ever played in. Including recently Portchester CYP, All-American Championships in Houston on ESPN and the list goes on. Harkless is exepecting to further his rep next season for Steve Lavins #2 recruiting class.

#3 Tavon Sledge 5'10 PG Iowa State (Big 12)

High School: Half Hollow Hills West, NY
AAU: Team Next

"from end to end, there is no faster guard in this class. I've watched him play since early days of Team Next and this year at Half Hollow Hills West, and its never changed. He's the best defender other than Mcmillian in this class. He can leap 40plus inches off the floor, he doesn't get tired. He has a nice jumpshot and how in the world are they expecting to stop this "Nate Robinson" like guard in the Big 12. His impact at Iowa State might be the biggest just because, they landed a huge talent in a 5'10 guard."

#4 Jabarie Hinds 6'0 PG West Virgina (Big East)

High School: Mt. Vernon, NY
AAU Team: Westchester Hawks

"NY State Mr. Basketball shared his trophy with Ashraf Yacabou, put Mt. Vernon on his back to a state title after a big leg injury. Hes a strong lefty from mt. vernon who is goig to be a mountaineer favorite for years to come.

#5 Myles Mack 5'10 PG Rutgers (Big East)

High School: St. Anthony's NJ
AAU: Playaz Club

"Mack is arguably the best senior in NY/NJ. In college he will continue his winning ways. Mack's Scoring, handling, defending, and making plays will set him apart from the other freshman in the Big East for Mike Rice.

#6 Kadeem Jack 6'9 PF/C Rutgers (Big East)

High School: C.J.E.O.T.O. Academy NJ
AAU: NY Gauchos

"Jack had a short season at C.J.E.O.T.O. with coach Ian Turnball and enrolled into Rutgers in January. Jack could've played this season but decided to wait it out. A excellent shot blocker and a developing offensive player. Jack is similar to the chicago bulls, brooklyn native Taj Gibson."

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#7 Tyrone Johnson 6'2 SG Villanova (Big East)

High School: Montrose Christian MD
AAU: Team Final

"Johnson is a former football player who somehow turned into one of the nations best ball handlers. Winning the espn national tournament. Johnson a new jersey native is a villanova "break u down" randy foye type guard.

If he does what hes capable of doing, expect a short stay.